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Reason for the PI Center

Please Note That The Personal Injury Center is Now Under New Ownership and Control.

Mark Silva. Company President. 

A Message From Our Founder:           

           The reason I created The Personal Injury Center® was that I came to realize through my personal experience practicing law representing people in Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, Social Security and other types of cases for over Thirty (30) years, that there are many, many lawyers that advertise that they can handle any type of injury case that comes along. Through my direct experience with clients that have come to me after they have been represented by other lawyers, I found that they did not get the results that they should have received. Essentially sometimes, their cases were settled for a fraction of their true worth. Why? Sometimes maybe it was that the lawyer did not know the true value of the case or didn’t want to push the case further into the litigation process, or did not have the financial resources to prepare the case so that it would result in a successful award and/or settlement. Many injury cases involve not just an attorney’s investment in time but also their personal investment or advancing of substantial amounts of money on behalf of the client without any guarantee that the case will have a favorable outcome. In other words, the lawyer or law firm has to expend monies on behalf of their clients for expert witnesses such as doctors and other qualified experts in order to prepare a case for a successful outcome. 

           For example, in my own injury practice, I have found that medical doctors charge fees for reports, deposition and trial testimony from anywhere between Five Hundred ($500) to Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) and they receive the fee before they testify and are paid whether or not my client wins the case. Although many contingency fees provide that the client must reimburse the attorney for the costs, this is highly unlikely if the attorney does not get a favorable outcome for the client since quite frankly the client isn’t going to have any money to repay. In my over Thirty (30) years of practice I have never sought repayment of costs from a client where we were not successful in the case (and you should never choose an attorney that would). However, I would be lying to you if I said that I have won every plaintiff’s case that I have had. 

          Therefore, you can imagine how much money a lawyer or law firm has to advance in cases and the magnitude of those sums of money when they have a large injury practice as they may advertise. In other words a very, very large overhead. It's not uncommon for expenses on a single case to run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Personal injury attorneys and law firms make substantial investments in their cases and can suffer significant losses in the event that they are unsuccessful.    

          Unfortunately, the practice of law especially with the advent of advertising has become a business and as such decisions may be made for business i.e. financial reasons rather than for legal reasons. 

          That is why I created The Personal Injury Center® since I realize that any lawyer with some money can get out and advertise in the phone book or on television and represent that they can handle your case. Can they? Well there is no correct answer, as there are some great and effective lawyers that advertise, but there are also those who have never handled a major injury case to its conclusion or who have never got their client the financial result that their client deserved.

          I personally have been practicing law for over Thirty (30) years and have gotten some very substantial awards and settlements for my clients, but I will be the first to tell you that there are cases that I will not personally handle either because I don’t have the particular expertise and/or the staffing. That is, the staffing infrastructure to handle the 24-7 focus that is needed in major cases involving intense litigation. Keep in mind that on major cases the insurance company or companies hire major law firms that bill by the hour and get paid whether they win or lose and therefore they are going to bill as many hours as they possibly can and drag on litigation as long as it is financially and legally feasible. In other words they are going to make life miserable for the injured client and if the injured clients lawyer and/or law firm does not have the financial wherewithal to carry on with the litigation, the case may end up settling for a lot less than it should. Therefore those are the types of cases that I refer out to other lawyers that in my judgment through my years of experience and familiarity have the unique credentials to handle the case so that the client gets the best result possible. In a nut shell that is why I created The Personal Injury Center of America®. That is I want to help people on a national basis get the proper legal representation they deserve by finding and referring people on to the most qualified and credentialed lawyers to best handle their case. 

                                                                                                 Thank you, from the
                                                                                                 Founder and President 
                                                                                                 The Personal Injury Center of America® 

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