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Uniqueness of the PI Center

What makes The Personal Injury Center of America® different from a lawyer referral service or a legal directory, or any other legal resource site?

The Personal Injury Center of America is not a law firm. The Personal Injury Center of America® doesn’t receive or accept a sign up fee from a lawyer or law firm that wants to be part of our network. Attorneys don't pay us for leads or to advertise. Any lawyer or law firm can advertise regardless of their experience or qualifications. Rather than lawyers seeking out The Personal Injury Center® for referrals, The Personal Injury Center® seeks out, evaluates, and picks lawyers and law firms to become affiliated with us. We make the decision as to what lawyer and/or law firm meets the criteria to be able to be part of our network. 

The PI Center was founded and is run by former attorneys. We, as former attorneys, know who is best to handle your case. Any attorney can advertise via the newspaper, internet, or television, and your group of friends could surely name an attorney they have heard of or who has maybe even helped one of them in the past. But that doesn't mean they are qualified to handle or even have experience handling cases like yours. In our profession, when you become particularly good at handling certain matters other attorneys begin to notice and referrals begin to accumulate from attorneys that don't have the sophistication, expertise, and/or resources needed to handle a particular case. These attorneys generally don't advertise because they simply don't have to. Think about it; you only advertise if you need business. Do you want to go to an attorney that is advertising all over the television or internet? Ask yourself, if they are really good at what they do, why do they need to advertise? Wouldn't they get enough work via word of mouth and attorney referrals? The answer is generally yes. Certainly there are exceptions, but this is generally the case. 

This is why we created The Personal Injury Center of America®. We want to take the guesswork out of choosing an injury attorney. It's in our best interest to connect you with the attorney and law firm best suited to handle your case. The better you do, the better we do.

Therefore it costs you nothing to utilize The Personal Injury Center’s help and we believe that it will only help you to get a better result.

The bottom line is this – if you think we make sense try us. That is what we are here for and that is our mission plain and simple - to get you the best result possible.
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