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Toxic Substances
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Toxic Substances

ASBESTOS (MESOTHELIOMA) - A Qualified and Experienced Asbestos Lawyer is Essential. Asbestos is a naturally occurring fiber contained in mineral rocks and used widely in many areas of industry from the mid...
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BENZENE- C6H6, often abbreviated as Ph-H, is the chemical compound known as Benzene. It is all around you. It is clear and impossible to detect visually. It is used in many common products used daily by people all over the...
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BERYLLIUM - Beryllium is one of the very few elements that occur naturally that has no real use for either plant or animal life on the planet. It is a fairly rare element and not easily found in nature, but it has a lot...
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Chemical Spills
CHEMICAL SPILLS - A chemical spill can be a liquid, solid, or gas and has a tremendously negative environmental impact. EPA regulations are strict, and while they vary depending on the type of spill, they can require the...
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Hexavalent Chromium
HEXAVALENT CHROMIUM - The compound CrVI, chromium hexavalent, is a dangerous chemical found in any product or material containing chromium metals. It is also known as hexavalent chromium. There are also hazards associated...
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Oil Spills
OIL SPILLS - Oil spills have a serious economic and ecological impact. They also have a horrendous impact on human health. Even if you are not in the immediate vicinity of an oil spill, you can be affected by it through...
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Silica (Silicosis)
SILICOSIS - Crystalline silica is found in slate, flint, sandstone, coal, other metallic rocks, and even sand. It is one of the most common minerals known to man, second only to quartz. It is also a very deadly mineral that...
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Welding Fumes
WELDING FUMES - Manganese poisoning is just one of the very serious diseases welders are potentially vulnerable to when working in shops, garages, or other areas where they are exposed to the fumes of a welding torch....
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West Virginia Chemical Spill
January 11, 2014 - If you were one of the 300,000 people in West Virginia affected by the chemical spill that occurred Thursday January 9, 2014 along the Elk River, contact us immediately at 877-888-5936, 24/7. We want to...
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